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Fully Engaged
by Catherine Mann
(Silh. Imt. Mom. #1140 PG, $4.99) ISBN 0-373-27510-6
Fully Engaged is the latest in Catherine Mannís Wingmen Warriors series. The heroine in this one is Nola Seabrook, pilot and breast cancer survivor. This is a pertinent and rare theme in romantic suspense novels.

Five years prior Nola was facing surgery on the following Monday morning. She decides on one last weekend and since her husband had left her after the breast cancer diagnosis, Nola wanders into the local watering hole looking for a partner for her last weekend of passion. Selecting Captain Rick DeMassi she terminates their memorable weekend with a thank you note, leaving before he awakened. None of this would have been typical for her, but she had been very scared.

At her five-year anniversary of being cancer free, her doctors have used the cure word; partly in celebration, and partly for closure, Nola begins to take care of unfinished business from the time before the surgery. Numbering among the loose ends is Nick DiMassi. With an extensive effort, she tracks him down, finding he has been hospitalized for a long time for injuries sustained during the cleanup of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

His job in the service involved extensive parachuting and it was ironic that the injuries sustained to both legs occurred when he fell through a rotten floor. After months of rehab, he can still walk only on crutches.

After a visit, Rick escorts Nola out, and as she keys the door lock open; the car explodes. Nola confesses that an unknown person is stalking her and that the incidences have begun to escalate. Nick is being kept in the rehab center because he has no place to go where he can be semi-cared for, and the reader is thus not surprised when both needs are merged and he moves in with Nola.

In many, many respects this is a typical plot, but the story as told by a heroine who is a breast cancer survivor adds a slant rarely seen. Their passion rekindles, Nickís daughter by his prior marriage enters the picture and together they all work for resolution.

Mannís characters are always well developed, her tension is easily maintained and her pacing is good with dialog very believable. The plot is shop worn but the fresh approach of the heroine elevates it to an average read.

--Thea Davis

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