Reflection Point
by Emily March
(Ballantine, $7.99, PG) ISBN 978-0345-542267
This is the newest entry in the Eternity Springs, Colorado series. There are many of the old cast and crew. This story however, is really about Zach Turner, the sheriff, and Savannah Moore. Savannah is an ex-con who moved to Eternity Springs to start over. She was wrongly convicted after being duped by a detective boyfriend and his mother. She has sworn off romance and men, just wanting to get her life back on track. She is a soap and lotion maker, using her grandmother's recipes. She has a mail order business and is going to open up a shop in the tourist town of Eternity Springs.

Zach is the local sheriff and while he didn't grow up here, he is established and has a load of friends, many of whom have gone through challenges in finding and marrying the loves of their lives. Those women are now determined to play matchmaker with him. He is not opposed completely, but is unwilling to be their pawn. And when he meets the newest citizen as she is hanging off the ledge at Lover's Leap, he isn't sure she is the one for him.

Savannah meanwhile is leery of this lawman. Even though he finds out about her past and even seems to believe her cry of innocence, she knows she won't be able to trust him. The wounds and lessons from her past are too fresh. When her 14 year old nephew is sent to her to take care of and gets into some trouble, she has even more reason to be leery of Zach.

At times, the storyline plods along as Zach and Savannah try to figure out what they want with each other. They are friends at times, and lovers, but they also are cautious. Their passions flare in the bedroom and then they argue. But in the end, they keep coming back to the fact there is love between them and figuring out how to build on that is the best part of the tale. There are side plots that involve Gabi Romano, a woman who is also a deputy and who moves to town. The story with TJ, the nephew, adds elements to the story that pushes Savannah into accepting her past.

I enjoyed this story, even while I recognized that, at times, it was too simplistic, then unduly complicated or excessively sentimental. This made the reading enjoyment very uneven and keeps me from fully recommending Reflection Point. Fans however, will find this right in line with other tales in the series.

--Shirley Lyons

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