Succubus Blues

Succubus On Top

Storm Born
by Richelle Mead
(Zebra, $6.99, R) ISBN  978-1-4201-0096-9
Eugenie Markham is a shaman of pretty high distinction; she has even surpassed her renowned stepfather, Roland. Usually, she's called in to kill or banish demons or gentry (fey or fairies to us laymen). However, when a man comes to her wanting her to make a trip into the Otherworld to rescue the sister he is certain has been kidnapped by the gentry, Eugenie knows she's heading into dangerous territory. Very dangerous territory. Her first instinct is to turn down the job, and everybody she speaks with about it backs up that plan. But Eugenie, who has been raised to hate everything related to the gentry, can't imagine leaving a child in their hands.

The journey to the Otherworld is dangerous, but the things Eugenie learns about herself, as well as her current boyfriend, the shapeshifter Kiyo, along the way are even more troubling. One revelation about her past puts her into a bizarre category of gentry nobility, drawing the interest of Dorian, one of the fey kings, who becomes her greatest aid in harnessing her own powers and rescuing the young girl who is at the heart of this voyage.

Mead is a very talented author who has already proven her merit with the Succubus and Vampire Academy series. Eugenie Markham has great promise, but there was just so much information in this first of her novels that the reader doesn't ever get close to any of the characters, perhaps especially Eugenie. I found that what I did learn about Eugenie didn't do a whole lot for me. For someone with a lot of power of her own, she's a big chicken about taking on any more and is very critical of other "types" of people who also wield power. She left something to be desired, which I have high hopes will get fleshed out in later books. The secondary characters such as Dorian, Kiyo, Eugenie's parents, and a few of the other gentry nobles are intriguing characters into whom I also hope more insight is given in the future.

I have no doubt that Eugenie Markham will come back to prove me wrong. However, this book, though definitely readable, even enjoyable, was not up to Richelle Mead's usual standards.

--Sarrah Knight

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