The Chosen
by Theresa Meyers
(Zebra, $6.99, G) ISBN 978-1-4201-2126-1
The Chosen is book three of Theresa Meyer’s Legend Chronicles series, a steampunk, western, paranormal romance, and Remington Jackson’s story.

Remington Jackson is an attorney with a storefront office in the small western town of Tombstone in 1883. He dresses nattily, acts the true gentleman and behaves with impeccable courtesy, during the day. At night, Remington is a Hunter, he hunts demons, fulfilling the Jackson family calling and unleashing his wild side.

Things are about to change as the Jackson brothers: Remington, Colt and Winchester start to feel the heat of their mission to stop the evil underworld lord Rathe from wiping out humanity. Trying to decode their Pa’s journal entries, figuring out obscure maps and weird clues have had them on a journey for some time, but now they need some help.

Colt sends Remy to break his former lover, half Darkin China McGee out of jail. Remy expects to feel the familiar contempt and distrust he usually feels around demons but China’s surprisingly tough, addictively attractive and she has a sharp wit that Remy can’t help admiring. China’s still a Darkin, a shapeshifter though, someone that Remy’s been taught from the cradle to stamp out.

However, this time, the Jacksons really need China’s help at finding a piece of the Lost Book that will help them stop Rathe. China tells Remy that she wants to stick around to see the outcome as it will be something to see, but she fails to mention that she also has a personal vendetta she’s fulfilling by doing so – sticking it to Rathe, her estranged father.

Without knowing what awaits them, Remington and China dive into their dangerous mission, meeting a host of shadowy characters and a variety of obstacles – not the least of which is that while their distrust and suspicion towards one another is strong, so is their unexpected attraction.

The Chosen has a good plot line outlined, with a ton of action, and this is definitely book three in the Legend Chronicles. The story starts out well with a bang as Remy breaks China out of jail. Remy’s larger than life, charismatic, well spoken and impossible not to like. I did find that after his big entrance, he became duller as the tale went on. Also, while I liked him, I found him to be pretty bland and passionless towards China.

China’s an interesting heroine, not a pretty one. I liked her as well although she stayed pretty one dimensional as the scorned woman bent on revenge on a couple of different levels, that wasn’t so attractive to me and so I wondered how Remington could be oblivious to it during the story.

As for the actual story, it started out great and was very absorbing for the first few chapters. Once it started getting complex, referring to characters and events that I didn’t understand and I haven’t read the first couple of books, it became clear to me that this isn’t a standalone story, to the point that it became a frustrating read.

On top of that, I didn’t feel like I liked it enough to go back and read the first two books before re-reading this book to get it in order. So while Theresa Meyers is an engaging author, this book was a miss for me and I wouldn’t recommend it.

--Amy Wroblewsky

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