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Be My Baby Tonight
by Kasey Michaels
(Zebra, $6.99, PG-13) ISBN 0-8217-7117-5
What would you do if you discovered that your husband had concluded that marrying you was the lesser of three evils? That’s what Suzanna Trent Trehan discovers by chance one day and what she does is the plot of Kasey Michaels’ entertaining new contemporary romance.

Tim “the Tiger” Trehan is the all-star catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. He is also the twin brother of Jack Trehan, hero of Michaels’ Love to Love You Baby. Jack was the Yankees’ pitching ace until a rotor cuff injury ended his career. Then his cousin left a baby on his doorstep and he married his interior decorator and lived happily ever after. There’s only one problem with Jack’s happy ending. Throughout their lives, Tim had followed in Jack’s footsteps. When something happened to Jack, it would often shortly happen to Tim .

Now Tim - a typical superstitious baseball player - is having bad dreams about a career ending injury, a wedding dress and a baby. It’s starting to affect his play. Then his roommate suggests a solution. Since Tim only copied Jack about one-third of the time, why doesn’t he pick the least objectionable of his brother’s recent activities and take the plunge. Perhaps nothing would have come of this idea had Tim not met Suzanna Trent outside the gate after a game in Pittsburgh.

Trehan, Trent - that had been the seating chart from kindergarten on. “Good ole Suze,” as Tim had called his buddy, had scored his games, helped him study, got him out of trouble, and always been there when he needed her. He had always known that she had a “thing” for him, but he hadn’t been interested in a chubby kid with a mouthful of silver and frizzy red hair, except as a friend. But the Suze he meets in Pittsburgh a gorgeous smile, lovely streaked mahogany hair, and a size eight figure.

After a few hours of beers and reminiscences, Tim and Suze find themselves in bed together for some memorable lovemaking. In the morning, Tim makes a startling suggestion: that the two fly off to Vegas and get married. A stunned Suzanna finds herself agreeing. Has she not loved Tim and dreamed of being “Mrs. Timothy Trehan” most of her life?

All is going pretty well until Suzanna discovers the real reason Tim married her. Then, the two have to work out what they really feel about each other and what their marriage means to them. And Tim’s extended family is there to “help” them.

We met most of these characters in the previous book - brother Jack and his new wife Keely, his agent Mort, Aunt Sadie and Cousin Joey, and his housekeeper and former history teacher, Mrs. B. These are fun people and they make for a fun book.

Of course, central to the success of any romance are the hero and heroine. Tim and Suzanna are eminently likable. Tim is the proverbial dim male who doesn’t have a clue about his real feelings. But he’s oh so charming. Suze is no doormat, despite her long time devotion to Tim. She gives as good as she gets.

Having been raised a Phillies fan (although I fear I have switched my allegiance to the Pirates), I really appreciated the baseball aspects of the story, especially since Michaels, with authorial license, gets the team into the playoffs. This may be the only way the Phils get to play in October.

I enjoyed Be My Baby Tonight immensely. It’s pure entertainment. Michaels knows how to write humorous romance as well as anyone and she knows how to tug at the heartstrings at the same time she makes you smile.

--Jean Mason

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