Hers For the Weekend

Sheer Decadence by Tanya Michaels
Harl. Tempt. #986, $4.50, R) ISBN 0-373-69186-6
After she caught her boyfriend in bed with her roommate, Olivia Lockhart went on a dating diet. No more of the luscious, boy-toy male models who roamed the halls of Sweet Nothings, the online lingerie company where she worked. From now on, Joe Average solid citizens only for her. But that was before Justin Hawthorne in all his golden boy Adonis good looks knocked on her office door. He is the new photographer her boss has just hired, he is going on her next photo shoot, and he is chocolate on the hoof. Not what she needs when chocolate is definitely not on her dating diet. Why couldn’t he have been a salad guy instead?

Justin is immediately attracted to Olivia’s tall, lusciously curved body, long black hair and full red lips — he likes women who aren’t sticks like the ones he’s be photographing — but she seemed a little aloof. Then he overhears her sexy laugh as she jokes with her best friends, and vows he’ll get her to laugh like that — preferably where there is a bed nearby. But when Justin asks for a delay on the shoot and ruins Olivia’s vacation plans, and she discovers his important plans are no more than a dinner date with a beautiful blonde in a little black dress, their relationship gets a lot colder and more tense.

But their chemistry can’t be denied, as a steamy elevator scene demonstrates, even though their agendas are miles apart. After spending years raising his two sisters, the “Dateless Wonder” is ready to party. Olivia isn’t into beautiful men, after several have dropped her, especially when all they want is a hot fling. But propinquity can be a powerful thing, and these two are definitely being thrown together. In fact, their next shoot is at a B&B, and spending hours in the bedroom together getting all the required shots is certainly not going to be easy. For Justin and Olivia, chemistry, propinquity and clashing agendas are a heady mix, sure to spark a flame or two — or more.

Justin and Olivia are appealing and realistic characters, their attractive bodies hiding their uncertainties about themselves and each other. Their self-discoveries and their resulting new views of each other occur fairly slowly and realistically. There’s no doubt about their chemistry, which makes their sex scenes satisfactorily steamy and hot.

Even though Sheer Decadence’s limited page count doesn’t leave a lot of room for plot and character development, Tanya Michaels manages a credible amount of both, with a wicked sense of humor thrown in for good measure. Although Sheer Decadence isn’t long enough for a plane read, it would be perfect for a lazy afternoon at the beach, where I suspect Justin and Olivia will be headed just as soon they finish that next shoot.

--Joni Richards Bodart

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