Highland Knight
by Cindy Miles
(Signet Eclipse, $6.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-0-451-22439-2
Highland Knight is an enjoyable ride, start to finish; the characters are fun, the hero is scrumptious and the heroine is feisty. The book opens in Charleston, South Carolina where Amelia Landry has been struggling to write her next murder mystery novel and simultaneously recover from a broken engagement. Amelia's best friend and assistant, ZuZu, decides that Amelia needs a change of scenery and buys her a trip to the Scottish Highlands to spend the next three months (the amount of time that is left to finish the book and turn it in on time) living in a haunted castle.

The reader quickly realizes that though Amelia is not at her best, she is still a can-do type of modern woman. Amelia heads off to Scotland with her cat in tow, determined to get her book written.

On her arrival at the castle, Amelia meets Guthrie, the crotchety old caretaker and soon she is introduced to a group of highland warriors from the fourteenth century, one of which she is soon to become very fond of. Laird Ethan Munro and his men have been enchanted during the fourteenth century. They are specters for 23 hours a day and for one hour at twilight they turn back into flesh and blood men. A lover of mysteries, Amelia is fascinated with their story and decides that she will try to help them.

From the start, Amelia is attracted to Ethan and though the other men are similarly attractive, she is drawn only to him - feeling more of a familial tie to the others. She thoroughly enjoys teaching them about the 21st century, giving them lessons in TaeKwon-Do and letting them listen to the music on her Ipod. She spends her days with the men and the one-hour of twilight with Ethan. Over time she learns the men's story and works towards solving the mystery of how they became enchanted.

Cindy Miles has written an enjoyable read. The reader cannot help but smile at the antics of the men and sigh a little at the love that Ethan and Amelia are able to find together. Thought the storyline of a modern woman having a relationship with an ancient Scottish Highlander has been done many times, this book still manages to remain fresh. All of the characters have just enough quirkiness to seem charming and allows the reader to take pleasure in their role in the love that grows between Ethan and Amelia. This is definitely one of those books that makes the reader want to go back in time in order to find one special man meant just for her.

--Jessica McGilvray

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