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Montana Creeds: Logan
by Linda Lael Miller
(HQN, $7.99, PG-13)  ISBN 0373-77353-6
I fell for Miller’s novels years ago, and she is one of those authors that can move between historical romances to contemporary romances with no loss of rhythm.  She has scored again in this first installment in the Creeds of Montana.  Logan is the star of this one, with his brothers Dylan and Tyler soon to follow.

Logan is the oldest son of Jake Creed, a mean son of a gun who sired three boys from three different women.  He loved each woman but due to his drunkenness, one wonders why they loved him.  He tolerated the boys, treating them with standoffishness in order to make them tough.  Logan remembers one of his fondest sayings was “shake it off” and the meaning was clear – don’t let your emotions get you.  Logan is an old rodeo rider turned lawyer and has made millions from selling a product he developed.  But his heart is in the land in Montana, a huge spread that has been owned by Creeds for almost a century.  There are three houses on the property, one for each son, and Logan is back in Stillwater Springs hoping to buy horses and cattle and live on his land.   Logan is currently estranged from Dylan and Tyler after a major fight on the day of Jake’s funeral.  He knows he needs to lay the past to rest and make up with his brothers if he is going to be successful in finding peace.

When he returns home, he discovers that one house on the property is not vacant.  And there is an old bull in one of the pastures.  Dylan found a young woman and her two sons in front of a Wal-Mart, abandoned by her husband with no money and no way to feed the boys.  Dylan, who himself is a champion rodeo rider, had come home to leave one of the aging bulls from the rodeo in his “retirement.”  He offered the woman a chance to live in his house and keep it up for him.

Briana Grant is now divorced from Vance Grant, a man who liked to wander and often followed the rodeo.  She has two beautiful sons, Josh, age 10 and Alec, age 8.  The boys are now protective of Briana and leery of the promises of men.  Josh is more so than Alec, who is a naturally energetic eight-year-old, sure that the world can’t be as bad as it seems.  Briana has built a life here, moving from dealer to floor supervisor at the local Native American casino.  She also home schools the boys and keeps Dylan informed of repairs and issues with the house.

Briana and Logan hit it off immediately, but are cautious to enter into a relationship due to the boys.  When Vance shows up and says he is staying in town with his new wife, Briana has all the trouble she can handle.  Threats and actual break-ins take place, causing Briana and Logan to join up to try to figure out who can be trusted and who can’t.  As they fall first into lust and then into love, their story resonates with the reader as only a Linda Lael Miller story can.

As with most trilogies, some of the story is spent setting up the series and this often makes the romance between Logan and Briana take a back seat.  But the story of three brothers garners the reader’s interest too.  There are some shady characters and a few little side tales that aren’t completely resolved, making the reader assume that these will continue into the next book.  One is in regards to the sheriff’s race where Logan’s friend Jim Huntinghorse is one of the candidates and someone else apparently doesn’t like the fact that a Native American is running for a law enforcement job.  Another character that looks to return is Logan’s grandmother Cassie, who seems to have some second sight and is urging Logan to make peace with his brothers.

Montana Creeds: Logan is a great way to start a new series and one that will push the reader to find the other books as they are released in subsequent months. 

--Shirley Lyons

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