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Bachelor in Blue Jeans
by Lauren Nichols
(Silh. Int. Mom. #1164, $4.75, PG) ISBN 0-373-27234-0
More than a decade has passed since Zach Davis left town. His last years there had been spent with his great aunt who was the only one standing between Zach and Social Services when his alcoholic father died years after his mother had already abandoned them. As well as being from the wrong side of the tracks, he had been held back a couple of grades due to his wandering father.

Kristin Chase had seen more in Zach than others did, but their high school love affair ended with the usual big misunderstanding. Details are never as important to this reader as they obviously are to the author, and, unfortunately, they are recited too often throughout this story.

Zach is now a certified workaholic who is the joint owner of a construction business in Nags Head, North Carolina. His aunt needs some repairs to her house prior to placing it on the market and Zach is in town to do them. On arrival Aunt Etta tricks him into filling in for someone at a bachelor auction.

Kristen is there as an unmarried business owner and general supporter of the town’s charities. She sees how uncomfortable Zach is with the auction process. Impulsively, she becomes the high bidder; she rationalizes to herself that she is getting him off the stage to relieve his discomfort.

In the course of renewing their acquaintance, Zach encounters the slick Chad Hollister, now police chief having retired from his role as the rich bully of the high school. Chad with his gigantic ego is convinced that he is merely a short step away from the altar with Kristin. However, she sees it differently.

One of the town denizens (a former police department worker) had died and Kristen is permitted to go through the house and tag items she wishes to purchase for her antique shop. While there, someone locks her in the attic. This incident is quickly followed by an arsonist destroying her antique shop.

Bright person that he is, Zach realizes Kristin is in danger, and takes her to his beach house in North Carolina for her safety. The story progresses from there as you might expect.

A big misunderstanding, characters with excessive emotional baggage, and a hero protecting a heroine by removing her to a place of safety are often used as plot devices. If the characters are interesting and a few twists are added, the recurrent themes can seem fresh.

Bachelor in Blue Jeans unfortunately offers nothing fresh. The main and secondary roles fall short of being exciting or credible characters. One tends to read this novel with the subliminal thoughts of “Just get it over with”. Even with these thoughts, it is still not hard to follow the very predictable plot.

Regrettably, this book falls far short of the four hearts I have previously given this author for one of her Accidental Hero.

--Thea Davis

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