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World’s Most Eligible Texan
by Sara Orwig
(Silh. Desire #1346, $3.99, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-76346-8
Aaron Black, world traveler and seasoned diplomat, is briefly in his hometown when he sees schoolteacher Pamela Miles. Whoosh! He’s interested, he takes her home, they make love. Now Pamela isn’t that kind of girl. In fact, Aaron is the first man Pamela has ever been with. But Pamela is overwhelmed . . . so overwhelmed that she doesn’t think about protection and she gets pregnant. That’s the first few pages.

The rest of the story drags a little. Aaron is fascinated by Pamela and comes back from his post in Spain to court her. She is convinced he is just smooth talking her - after all, she is the daughter of the town floozy (can women who get expensive presents from men be floozies? --well, the town call girl, then) and finds it hard to believe he could care about her. She’s seen how men can love them and leave them.

On the other hand, when he finds out she is pregnant and still proposes, she’s convinced he’s doing this because it’s his duty. Pamela is confused but stubborn. Since I’m not altogether sure what Aaron sees in Pamela, I can understand why she’s not convinced either. Why is this big-deal diplomat bowled over by the schoolteacher? It’s true they can be passionate together, but he didn’t know that when he swept her off to his house. I don’t see much else in Pamela. She’s nice enough but Aaron is definitely Alpha prime male. Who wouldn’t like a sexy man of the world who is also a good old Texas boy?

Meanwhile the plot thickens. Aaron is doing more than taking a vacation from his work and working to re-seduce Pamela. He is a member of the Texas Cattleman’s Club, a group that helps search out mysteries and right wrongs. In this case the mystery concerns a plane crash that Pamela was involved in. There is a missing jewel and the Club believes all the women who were in the plane crash are in danger. People are still spying on Pamela and Aaron wants to protect her. He moves her into his house.

The plot device for the series doesn’t do much for me in this story but it does keep Pamela and Aaron together, even though Pamela keeps telling him no. I will give Pamela credit for sticking to her convictions, confused though they are. She looks for new work away from where they are and almost always - until the big finale - stays out of Aaron’s bed, even though they’re panting for each other.

Eventually Aaron does persuade her he loves her. I’m still not sure what he does that convinces her when it isn’t that much different from what he’s been doing throughout the book. (Have you noticed that I have problem with the characters’ motivation in the story?) But it does leave us open for the continuation of the series and, hopefully, a better title next time.

--Irene Williams

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