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Again, My Love

Everlasting Love by Kayla Perrin
(Arabesque, $4.99, PG) ISBN: 0-7860-0533-5
Everlasting Love is the story of the troubled marriage of Javar and Whitney Jackson. The couple has been separated for two years after Javar's son, J.J., was killed in an automobile accident. Whitney was driving at the time of the accident.

The Jordans are unable individually and collectively to deal with their grief. Whitney's guilt and Javar's inability to offer her forgiveness or consolation has further driven a wedge between them. They were unable to talk to about their pain. Javar submerged himself into work at his architectural firm. Shortly after he moved out of their bedroom, Whitney left him to live with an aunt in Louisiana.

When Everlasting Love begins, Whitney has returned to Chicago from Shreveport. During her time away from her husband, Whitney has put her life and their marriage into perspective. She has decided to divorce Javar.

On her way to ask him for a divorce, Whitney is involved in and survives yet another serious automobile accident. Javar was unaware she was back in town until an insurance adjuster called to ask him questions about her latest mishap. Javar immediately rushes to her hospital bedside.

The threat of losing her forever makes him realize that he has never stopped loving Whitney. He sees her recovery as a chance to revive their critically ill marriage. Whitney does not agree but Javar embarks on a mission to change her heart and mind. He brings her to the suburban Chicago home they shared and hires a nurse to care for her.

Not everyone is thrilled about the Jordans' possible reconciliation. Now that she's back in Chicago, someone wants her dead . . . soon.

At this point, the author deftly shifts gears. Everlasting Love morphs from a novel about second chances into a carefully plotted romantic thriller. But who wants Whitney dead? The list of suspects increases with each attempt. Whitney, who obviously has more than nine lives, suddenly finds she has no one to trust.

Everlasting Love is Canadian author Kayla Perrin's second novel. As in her first novel, Again, My Love, the author deals with family issues, human shortcomings and the power and strength of love.

Perrin's background as an actress combines with her skill as a writer to produce dialogue that is lively and a visual narrative. The secondary characters are powerfully drawn so that the reader is lured into the mystery.

From her Toronto vantage point, Perrin has captured many of the sights and sounds of the metropolitan Chicago area I live in. She's done her homework well.

Earlier this year, after reviewing her first book, I added Kayla Perrin to my "Emerging Authors List" as a writer to watch. Everlasting Love illustrates the wisdom of that choice.

--Gwendolyn Osborne

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