Sins of the Son
by Linda Poitevin
(Ace, $7.99, PG-13)  ISBN 978-1-937007-37-9
Her shrink thinks she's crazy and her boss is under the misguided belief that Inspector Alexandra Jarvis knows just what she's talking about when things like angels come up.  This is how Alex winds up clear across the continent in an attempt to rescue the son of God and Satan and prevent Armageddon in Linda Poitevin's second Grigori Legacy novel, Sins of the Son.

Alex is aware of the fact that Seth is expected to save humankind from annihilation courtesy of Hell. There's a pact in place and he's the fall-back clause. However, it's immediately clear that Seth has retained his nearly-almighty powers but absolutely none of his memory (a state called aphasia, which not only removes personal memories but also things like language). This not only puts humanity at risk from the devil, but from Seth himself should he decide he doesn't like what he's learning about them.

Convincing the Vancouver police and one persistent psychiatrist of the truth turns out to be the least of her worries when it becomes clear that Lucifer has found and is utilizing a number of loopholes in this ancient agreement between Heaven and Hell ... and that God herself has basically checked out of the whole fiasco.

A drastic improvement over the first book in the series, Sins of the Angels, Sins of the Son is more action-packed and takes a deeper look into its characters.  Both of the primary Vancouver characters, Dr. Riley and the detective, are fantastic additions; and the removal of Aramael, Alex's soulmate, as a romantic interest, really ramps up the emotions in the story.  Readers who found themselves a little disappointed in the first novel will find this one redeeming, and its cliffhanger ending will certainly have them picking up the third.

--Sarrah Knight

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