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Most Wanted Woman
by Maggie Price
(Silh. Int. Mom. # 1396, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0373-27466-1
This is one of the best category tales I have read in a long time. Most Wanted Woman has it all. Maggie Price has written characters that the reader can easily relate to and a unique plotline that keeps one on the edge of their seat throughout.

Regan Ford is using a fake name with a fake identity. She is on the lam from a murder charge for killing her fiancé; a crime she did not commit. She is being framed by an obsessive New Orleans cop, but no one believed her. Regan is hiding out in Sundown, Texas, where she has been hired as a bartender and has even made friends with the landlady/bar owner. She has a private investigator keeping an eye on the cop, letting her know that he is still in New Orleans and that he hasn’t tracked her down yet.

When Josh McCall walks into the bar one night, she knows he is a cop. Josh is actually an Oklahoma City detective who has come to Sundown to open his family’s summer home and get it ready for the annual summer bash. He is instantly attracted to Regan and senses she is hiding something. But his libido says she is someone he wants to get to know better too.

Regan and Josh spend the next few weeks slowly getting to know each other despite Regan’s wariness and Josh’s suspicions. The background of the danger to Regan and her secret is always there, lurking. But the attraction is strong and how they work this out is well written, believable and suspense filled.

The story is seen from both points of view, which adds to the tension. We know what Regan knows and as her terrifying tale is unveiled, the reader feels her tension and shares that fear. As Josh starts to realize there is more to this lovely young woman than her attractive body, he wants to find out about her but he wrestles with the fact he wants her to trust him enough to tell him her secrets. They are continually thrust together as they help Emma, the owner of the bar and as Josh helps the town’s sheriff uncover the identity of a peeping Tom. The reader is also given the information about what is happening in New Orleans and feels the noose tighten as the cop starts getting close to finding Regan.

Josh is a deep character. He was raised in a family of law enforcement officers, yet his reputation is that he stretches the rules…never the law…but the rules. This has gotten him in trouble and he is just returning from a suspension and Internal Affairs investigation.

Regan, whose real name is Susan, still finds it hard to believe that her life as a paramedic with friends and a fiancé is over because of the obsession of one man, whom she hardly knows. Yet Regan can’t hide her innate compassion for people and her unwillingness to leave when someone needs her.

Price has written a taut, romantic drama and it is a story that pulls the reader and doesn’t let go until the very satisfying finale. Most Wanted Woman is well worth the time and its engaging characters ensure that the reader will want to revisit it for many times to come.

--Shirley Lyons

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