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The Passion of Sam Broussard
by Maggie Price
(SRS #1502, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-27572-4
In an unusual departure for Maggie Price, she explores a realm of the paranormal where a reader must suspend disbelief. Detective Liz Scott is the recent appointee to the newly created Cold Case Division of the Oklahoma City PD. Liz had taken her vacation to marry Andrew. Initially she was unable to walk down the aisle, so apparently after some second thoughts she and Andrew traveled to Las Vegas for a civil ceremony. Again, she was unable to go through with the marriage.

Now, not only is her relationship with Andrew over, but a new one has surfaced. Immediately after the first failed attempt to wed, Lize acquired an unidentifiable "Dream Lover" who came nightly in an all too realistic way. She is losing sleep and semi haggard, she returns to work.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Louisiana, Sam Broussard, the day of her first marriage attempt, recovers a weapon believed to be linked to a murder some thirty years prior in Oklahoma City. The moment he touches the weapon he is ignited by a new will to live. This listlessness he has been experiencing for over two years is a direct result of the guilt he feels because of his wife's murder. They had grown apart in all ways and the day of her death he had been much too busy for her.

Forced by his police department to take a vacation, Sam delivers the weapon to the Oklahoma City PD to keep the chain of custody clean. Upon meeting Liz he is struck by the fact that he has met her before. All sorts of electricity are felt on Liz's side as well.

Local Federal Judge York reported this weapon stolen about the time of the crime, and Sam, unwilling to leave before he figures out where he met Liz, persuades her to let him accompany her to the interview. Meeting York, Sam has this premonition of danger looming for Liz and mentally listening to his Cajun grandmother, he makes one excuse after another to stick around. He finally gets Liz to ask her boss to let him be an official part of the investigation,

An interesting twist surfaces immediately at the interview of the inmate who was convicted of the burglary of the Judge's house. He claims he did not take any weapons, but regales them with the description and a hand drawn picture of a valuable bracelet he had stolen.

As the investigation progresses, so progresses the mounting sexual tension and romance between Liz and Sam. The characters are warm, well developed, and the dynamics between all characters is superb. Dialog is good and the descriptions take advantage of the story's venue. One thing it is not is predictable, as evolving events keep adding subtly to the story.

The plot is very well crafted and very different for this writer. To highlight the departure might ruin the reading experience for someone, so I will merely say that for a story of eternal love, Price makes an enjoyable reading experience with the pieces fitting together very well.

--Thea Davis

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