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The M.D. She Had to Marry
by Christine Rimmer
(Silh. Sp. Ed. #1345, $4.50, PG) ISBN 0-373-24345-6
The M.D. She Had to Marry is a spin-off of Christine Rimmer's The Millionaire She Married (SSE 1322), books which feature the Bravo sisters, Lacey and Jenna. Yes, the doctor book is strong enough to hold its own, but it's so good that first thing tomorrow I'm looking for The Millionaire She Married. I really don't like to read books out of order, but I discovered with The M.D. She Had to Marry that good is good, no matter the reading order.

Almost nine months before, Lacey Bravo had arrived at Logan Severence's home to offer consolation. The woman he loved, Lacey's older sister, had just jilted Logan. Lacey knew that she was second choice and when she discovered she was pregnant, she knew she wouldn't settle for Logan having to marry her out of obligation. She refuses all contact from him and even moves away. No, sirree, she wants the real thing. Lacey finally contacts Logan to let him know of his impending fatherhood, satisfied that she's done her duty.

The story opens as Logan appears on Lacey's doorstep. He's flown from California to Wyoming to convince Lacey to marry him. At first he is acting out of obligation. No child of his is going to be born out of wedlock. But Lacey is just as stubborn as he remembered, just as obstinate and hardheaded. Logan soon discovers that she's not going to marry him just because it's the right thing to do.

Acting on the advice of two people whose opinions she values, Lacey does marry Logan. She's loved him all her life, and the birth of their daughter has made her realize that she wants to give them a chance to make a life together. The two parents and baby Rosie all head back to California to begin their new lives. And we settle back to watch the glitches occur that make life interesting.

While The Millionaire She Married is about second chances, The M.D. She Had to Marry is about discovering what's been in front of you all your life, finally opening your eyes and discovering the true miracle of love that's been there all along. Itís also about facing the truth and tackling fears head on.

The M.D. She Had to Marry fits all my requirements of a good category book. I like the characters, so much so that I empathize with them. That ability to step into the characters' lives permits me to overlook at lot of the dumb stuff they do. The dialog is natural, and the plot happenings make sense. Ms. Rimmer isn't heavy-handed with the angst. Yes, Lacey and Logan have emotional baggage, but it doesn't drag them down. Lacey is one of the most emotionally stable characters it's been my pleasure to meet.

It's also easy to understand Logan's plight. He'd been engaged to one sister, a woman he thought would be his ideal mate and ends up marrying her younger sister, a woman he'd always considered too impetuous. His emotional awakening is poignant and written with a deft touch. Those of you who dislike stories with babies will probably want to pass on this, but to those of you who donít mind or even enjoy stories that have a child as a secondary character, this one will give you a warm, complete feeling.

The M.D. She Had to Marry kept me entertained the whole time I was reading it. It was wonderful to sit down and be involved, be interested, from start to finish. That's a pretty good endorsement, when you think about it.

--Linda Mowery

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