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by Karen Robards
(Gallery, $25.00, PG-13)  ISBN:  978-1-439-18372-4
A Glock's safety doesn't have an on/off switch; in fact, Glock is known for their Safe Action system which is, according to their website:  "a fully automatic safety system consisting of three passive, independently operating, mechanical safeties, which sequentially disengage when the trigger is pulled".  Guess what that means?  The safety's in the trigger!  Elizabeth Lowell did this to me a few books ago, and I have yet to forgive her, but at least she waited until the end of the book to present such a glaring inaccuracy; Karen Robards in Sleepwalker hits you with it in the second scene of the book.

And one more thing?  The Agency?  Yeah, that's the CIA, not the FBI.  Just saying.

Mikayla Lange ends up in a position to supposedly see that her police-issue Glock's safety is on after she walks in on a burglary-in-progress while she's house-sitting for her honorary Uncle Nicco.  Mick's a night early because she just dumped her boyfriend and had intended to ring in the New Year moping about by herself.  Instead, she's caught up in the middle of a crime that quickly devolves into her becoming a hostage, police training or no.

Now, Mick's heard a few rumors about Uncle Nicco but never made anything of them, but when she sees photos of a crime scene spilled on the floor with the loot from the safe, she knows she's made a mistake not only about Uncle Nicco, but by bearing witness.  Now, her own life at stake, Mick flees with the thief, one Jason Davis, creating a series of drawn-out supposed action scenes while the two of them have shoot-outs, boat races, and nasty weather to contend with. 

Once they (finally) make it to Jason's getaway in the Caymans, Mick and Jason make quick work of getting one another out of their clothes, decide they're in love after knowing one another for approximately thirty-six hours, and are super surprised when Uncle Nicco makes a play for Mick's sister and nieces.  Now their island getaway is a detriment: Mick has less than twelve hours to get back to Detroit and to try to get some backup despite the fact that she's now wanted for murder.

Fallacies aside (and one must wonder if there were others and I just happened to catch the ones with which I was familiar), Sleepwalker was a quick and ultimately satisfying read.  It's completely without substance, the romance is pretty weak, and the action scenes are so long you have to take a potty break, but if you're looking for a bit of fluff to draw away the winter blues, Karen Robard's latest is not a bad bet.

--Sarrah Knight

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