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Perfect Assassin by Wendy Rosnau
(Silh. Int. Mom. #1384, $4.99) ISBN 0-373-27454-8
Holic Reznik was an assassin for hire. His life’s work had entailed over 100 “projects” as an independent contractor and he was going strong when captured by the US anti-terrorist organization Onyxx. Holic’s network included a lifetime friend and his son Otto. Upon Holic’s capture he entrusted Otto to care for his daughter Prisca and to train her to take his place.

Prisca, sheltered for her entire life in a family where money was plentiful, was told her mother had been killed and her father captured by the evil US agents Bjorn and Maddox. She believes that her father had been a secret agent in the employ of some country and that his killings had all been sanctioned.

She understands that her responsibility is to continue the kill-list that her father had been working on. She has her father’s hands and eyes when it comes to handling a long-range rifle and after four mere months of training with Otto she handles her first two kills of double agents.

Her motivation is really to avenge her mother and she decides to depart from the order on the kill list and go after the two responsible for her death. She doesn’t want to argue with Otto about this and slips away from him and starts her search. Unable to find Bjorn, she focuses on Jacy Maddox.

Knowing that he lives in Montana, she assumes one of her false identities and flies in through Edmonton and hires a charter plane to take her into the Glacier Mountains. The plane is poorly serviced and maintained and develops engine trouble and crashes.

Jacy “Moon” Maddox brings Prisca to safety. In a mission for Onyxx, he had been savagely wounded and it was believed he would not walk again. He has spent the last few months with a physical therapist supplied by the agency living in his home, in which time he had gone from a wheel chair to a limping walk. The therapist is still there so he took Prisca home to have Vic suture her injuries.

Introduced as Moon, Prisca doesn’t make the connection that he is the killer she seeks, and spends a month recovering and falling in love with him. Her defense mechanism is a pretense of amnesia.

As in every world, but especially in the world of deceit and crime, things are never as they appear. The assassinations continue and the agency hones in on Otto, who is in love with Prisca as well.

The difficulty with this book is that it is part of the “Spy Games” series and a reader new to the series is badly in need of background information. It seems like a story composed of several extraneous plots lines without a foundation, all going on at the same time.

If you can suspend disbelief on occasion and don’t mind multifaceted resolutions, Perfect Assassin is an interesting story with enjoyable characters.

--Thea Davis

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