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Sleeping With Danger
by Wendy Rosnau
(SRS # 1489, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-27559-5
Another “Spy Game” story by Wendy Rosnau features the fabled ONYXX organization located in Washington DC. This agency was formed to perform those jobs high profile government agencies are unable to do.

Other stories have seen the battle between good and evil personified by Merrick the head of the agency as good, and international terrorist and arms dealer Cyrus Krizova being the archenemy. The reason for Cyrus’s hatred is revealed in this story. As a former Onyxx agent he believes that Merrick, on a mission years past, deliberately left him for dead when he was wounded. He has rebuilt his life with one focus…to destroy Merrick.

The novel opens on a Greek island in a prison dungeon beyond belief. The cruelty to the prisoners is graphic and extreme. They are Cyrus’s prisoners, held for a variety of reasons none of which include punishment for crimes against society; rather they are crimes against Cyrus.

Onyxx agent Sully Paxton has been a prisoner for over a year when suddenly the regimen changes. He is pulled from deprivation and fattened up so to speak, and then removed to the island where Cyrus is living with his entourage and daughter Melita.

Cyrus has a master plan, which involves Sully, who has survived his year of incarceration against all odds. Cyrus intends to make Sully his tool of revenge against Onyxx, creating in him a de facto robot. Melita also is his prisoner on the island as she is being punished for defying him. Other secondary characters residing there are a scientist who has a passion for rats, and Hector a guard who has a passion for Melita. Melita’s. passion is the survival of the goats living on the island.

Melita is trying to find a villager to help her escape, and when Sully discovers that part of Cyrus’s plan for him involves castration, his urge to escape heightens as well. Melita, while prowling the dungeons, finds him and asks for his help to escape. Melita comes as a package, her pet goat, the scientist and his pet rats, and Hector the faithful guard.

Cyrus departs the island on business leaving his very evil cohort Holic in charge. Holic plots a seduction of Melita after the dinner he has blackmailed her to have with him. Hector creates a diversion with an explosion on Holic’s yacht and the escaping menagerie heads out.

Thus follows is the flight through the Greek isles, and Melita’s journey to find her brother, an unwilling tool of her father. Of course Sully falls in love with her while believing she is searching for her forbidden lover Nemo, who quixotically is at the bottom of the sea.

The characters are drawn in extreme, in some cases taking them beyond the point of being either interesting or credible. The dialog is fairly predictable and for suspense readers, the plot unravels in a conventional and unsurprising fashion.

Sleeping With Danger is an easy, if uninspiring read.

--Thea Davis

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