The Millionaire Meets His Match
by Patricia Seeley
(Sil. Romance #1329, $3.50, G) ISBN 0-373-19329-7
The Millionaire Meets his Match is a light romance featuring a cop, an accountant, and a couple of cats. Cat lovers especially may find this a fun read.

Accountant Cass Appleton is distraught when her pet cat, Crudley, disappears from the vet's office where he's been boarded. It appears, however, that the joke is on the kidnappers. They didn't want Crudley, they wanted Princess Athabasca, a pedigreed feline who looks quite a lot like Crudley. Inadvertently, they made off with the wrong cat. And Princess Athabasca's elderly owner won't know what the ransom notes are for. When she doesn't respond to them, what will happen to Crudley?

Cass decides to inform Mrs. Emilie Crosswhite, owner of Princess Athabasca, about these goings-on. Only first, Cass has to get in to see her. The gate guard isn't helpful, and when Cass tries the servants' entrance, she's stopped by a gardener who tells her she'll have to jump the fence. He's astonished when Cass does just that, and ushers her in to see Mrs. Crosswhite. Cass' suspicions are aroused when she notes the familiar way in which he addresses the elderly widow. As it turns out, this is Gabriel Preston, Mrs. Crosswhite's ex-cop godson.

Gabe isn't buying this story. He's sure that Cass is part of some scheme to bilk his godmother out of money with a phony cat story. Cass is indignant that he won't take her seriously. When Mrs. Crosswhite insists that they try to uncover the catnapper, for her own peace of mind, of course, Gabe and Cass have no choice but to work together. Cass wants her cat. Gabe wants Cass gone. Or does he?

Cass and Gabe fumble their way toward each other, but there are too many false assumptions and instant negative reactions to make this a completely comfortable read. Readers will have to put up with Cass and Gabe assuming the worst of each other at every opportunity. That sort of stuff wears on a reader.

Mrs. Crosswhite was fun as an interfering busybody who wants a little romance for her favorite godson. Cass actually does the better turn in the reasonable department. Gabe doesn't fare quite as well. His self-imposed burdens don't quite ring true; neither does the millionaire aspect. But I liked the cats.

The Millionaire Meets His Match meets with guarded approval from this reviewer.

--Cathy Sova

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