A Woman Made For Pleasure
by Michelle Sinclair
(Zebra, $6.99, PG-13) ISBN 978-1-4201-2649-5
The first novel in the Daring Three trilogy, we meet our intrepid heroine Lady Millie Aldon in A Woman Made For Pleasure.

The fearless ringleader of the Daring Three, as Millie and her friends Aimee and Jennelle are known, has been getting into trouble for as long as anyone can remember. Childhood friends who made a pact to remain unmarried (which was of course, Millieís idea) are now arriving at the beginning of their first London season. The ton expects them to be well-behaved, lovely and demure young ladies. At first, Millie tries to behave herself, but after just a few society events, sheís bored to death of them. Especially with Chase, Aimeeís older brother, escorting the girls wherever they go.

Now an adult, the Marquess of Chaselton, often known as Chase, also known as Charles Wentworth and occasionally, annoying called Charlie by little Millie Aldon, Chase returns to London after a long, mysterious absence. Heís ostensibly in London to escort Aimee, Jennelle and Millie to the never ending tour of balls and soirees that will guarantee the wild young girls properly caged into respectable marriages. Of the three, Chase knows that Millie needs taming the most, even though he hasnít seen her in years. Chaseís secondary, more secret reason for returning to London is to search for his fatherís betrayer and then avenge his fatherís death.

However, while Chase expects intrigue and drama to figure into his darker plans, heís shocked that the little Millie of his memories has grown into a gorgeous sprite of a woman, lush and spirited. Heís so surprised by her seemingly abrupt growth that he doesnít know how to handle her, and tries to distance himself. This proves impossible because of their social schedule set about by his mother. While Aimee and Jennelle attend the London events with them, Chase feels like Millie is the only one there, he is so drawn to her, she is distracting him from his true purpose.

Unfortunately for Chase, Millie is bold and bright enough to deduce a portion of his true vengeful purpose and puts them both in serious danger with her open conversation and sense of watchfulness while they explore their growing attraction.

A Woman Made For Pleasure is a small twist on the childhood friends separated, turned adult lovers tale told many times before. Some parts work but the rest just fell apart.

Millie is a wonderful heroine, willful, witty and sarcastic. Sheís dedicated to friendship, a free spirit and always willing to say whatís on her mind. While she minds societyís mores while in public, Sinclair paints a vivid picture of what Millie truly thinks while she is in polite society. Millie was the shining star of this tale for me, and her detailed conversations with her friends, her frank responses to Chase and her headlong approach to life are dazzling.

I didnít really like Chase, he didnít come to life for me beside the vivid Millie aside from the descriptions of his lackadaisical search for justice and his physical stature. Supposedly he is very handsome, but the sexiness factor wasnít there at all for me.

The courtship between Millie and Chase is long and dampened by many supposed confusions and miscommunications. I didnít get to know Aimee or Jennelle very well at all, just a vague impression that they were nice girls, but nothing to draw me into thinking that I have to finish reading the series to find out what happens to them.

All in all, this is a three heart read, with a dashing heroine and not much else going for it.

--Amy Wroblewsky

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