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Kill Me Twice
by Roxanne St. Claire
(Pocket Books, $6.99, R) ISBN 0-7434-7730-8
If you like romances with fun characters, a fast paced adventure, steamy sexual tension and witty banter, then you’ll enjoy Roxanne St. Claire’s latest novel.   

Kill Me Twice is the first book in “The Bullet Catchers” series.  The Bullet Catchers are an elite group of security and protection specialists hired and lead by ex-CIA agent Lucy Sharpe.  The clientele is exclusive and upper crust, especially as the fees are very expensive.  The men of Bullet Catchers are the cream of the crop bodyguards.  And of course they are hot, hot, hot.

 In Alex Romero’s last assignment, the principal (person being guarded) was less than pleased that his wife wanted to jump Alex’s bones.  As a warning, Lucy sticks Alex with the job no one else wants – babysitting a Miami local newscaster Jessica Adams, who’s been receiving threatening letters.  Jessica’s “gorgeous, rich, smart and built like a centerfold.”  

When he gets there, Alex learns that Jessica’s been replaced by her identical twin sister Jasmine “Jazz.”  (Almost makes you want to hate both of them.)  Jazz has just arrived to town after agreeing to pretend to be her sister while Jessica researches a story. 

Jazz and Jessica are as different as night and day.  Jessica is a poised successful, driven career woman.  Jazz is an earthy, wild, go with the flow kind of woman.  Believe it or not, despite being a gorgeous, smart and built like a centerfold woman, Jazz has a self-confidence problem.  She’s always had someone (her father, her sister, her jerk of an ex-boyfriend) around to help her make decisions.  But Jazz is determined from now on she’ll stand on her own two feet.  That includes doing whatever she can to protect her sister’s job and image.  

At first Alex and Jazz keep up appearances of Jessica’s life thinking she’s out.  After a couple days, it’s obvious that Jessica is actually missing.  Jazz is a newly licensed private eye with a knack for the job.  Alex and Jazz collaborate to find Jessica before it’s too late.  

Jazz is a strong, determined woman who learns a lot about herself through the course of the book.  Jazz has always thought of Jessica as the perfect one who succeeds at everything she sets her mind to.  As a result Jazz feels like the lesser of the two.  From the start of their investigation to find Jessica, Jazz sets down the rules and fights tooth and nail to get Alex to agree.  Through the course of their investigation Alex helps Jazz recognize the strength she’s always had.  

Alex is my kind of hero – smart, strong, charming, protective, sexy, with a gushy center.  He has never lacked female attention.  And although he’s always the one to break it off, the women leave friendly and without any bitterness.  Alex has not wanted a long-term relationship with any woman until he meets Jazz.  Too bad all she’s looking for is amazing sex; she doesn’t want another man telling her what to do.  The banter between Alex and Jazz as the fight their attraction and feelings is entertaining.   

The mystery had several unexpected turns.  In the end the villain wasn’t too surprising.  Getting to the solution was intriguing and suspenseful.  I’m already looking forward to the next “Bullet Catcher” novel.  

--Terry Lawrence

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