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His Style of Seduction
by Roxanne St. Clair
(Silh. Desire # 1841, $4.75, R) ISBN 0373-76841-9
This is one hot story that does not disappoint. His Style of Seduction is about a make-over for a rather odd reason, and what gets made over are the feelings of the two people involved.

Jackson Locke is the creative director for the Wilding Ad Agency. He is a free-wheeling, fun loving creative guy whose mantra is “no walls.” But his boss (and best friend) Reggie just found out his wife has cancer, and he wants to sell the agency to a conglomerate that wants to retain Jack as President. Sadly, Jack doesn’t look anything like a “suit” nor does he act like a CEO is supposed to act.

So Reggie hires an up and coming consultant whose sole responsibility will be to transform Jack’s appearance, wardrobe and manners. She will also need to teach him how to interact without upsetting the group from London. Lily Harper is model perfect, but inside is a mass of vulnerability. She grew up homeless for much of her life and her goal is security and a home of her own. This job could lead to major referrals and the start of that promise she made to herself.

Lily and Jack immediately hit it off, especially since Jack has no idea what Lily’s role is. He thinks he has come to Reggie’s place in Nantucket for another round of creative brainstorming. He is ready to get Lily in his bed. He is appalled when he discovers her purpose, but after some thinking, agrees to work with her for Reggie.

What follows is a week or so of fun, sex, work and an amazing amount of relationship building. The two look like exact opposites but they hit it off outside the bedroom as well as in it. This is seduction, foreplay and sex at its finest. But more than that, this is romance. Jack and Lily are great together and they are good people. They deserve their status as stars of the story and each brings a unique feel. Jack is carefree yet amazingly responsible. He is not your typical playboy and is amazed that Lily can see beyond his persona. Lily, on the other hand is strong as only a person can be who has fought adversity from such an early age – yet she is soft and shows Jack her vulnerability before she knows it.

St. Clair knows how to tell a story and this one is fresh even when it is a little contrived. This one is engaging and almost intoxicating. I really had a hard time putting this down and easily picked it up every chance I could. There is a good amount of depth for a story that is only 180 pages. She even makes it very believable that they have fallen in love in a relatively short period of time.

His Style of Seduction is one of the best of the category genre that I have read in a while (and I read a lot of categories). It cements St. Clair as one of the finest writers in the genre today. Give yourself a holiday treat and pick this one up!

--Shirley Lyons

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