Wishful Thinking
by Gabi Stevens
(TOR Books, $7.99, PG-13) ISBN: 978-0-7653-6505-7
Wishful Thinking is the third and final installment about three young women who discover that they are Fairy Godmothers.

It's the Time of Transition, a time where the old Fairy Godmothers step down to make room for the new generation of wish granters. It's a delicate time in the magical community (known as the Arcani) and everyone is hoping that things will run smoothly.

So, naturally, they don't.

No, things get troublesome very quickly when Luc LeRoy decides that this would be the ideal time to change the Arcani from a society that keep themselves hidden from the Groundlings (non-magic type folks) to a society that rules the Groundlings.

This does not fly well with the Godmothers, including the brand new Godmother and central character of this story, Stormy Jones-Smythe.

Stormy is a feisty and stubborn woman who is not afraid to speak her mind or show her emotions. She is simply and powerfully herself and is comfortable in her own tenacity. Stormy is a weaver who lives in an artists' community populated by Arcani. She lives with her two dads and, up until the beginning of this book, never had any magic. But now she is a Fairy Godmother and she needs to learn how to use magic and fast.

Stormy has a pathetic lacky of an advisor from "The Council" who govern the Arcani. She is being kept under a tight watch as the two other new Godmothers have gone rogue and are considered traitors to their community as they are trying to stop Luc, and The Council does not believe that he has an evil agenda.

So now Stormy is way out of her league and needs to figure things out and quick, before she is forced to choose who she believes: The Council or The Godmothers.

And the fact that she has Hunter, a really hot security guard assigned to her isn't really helping her focus. So now Stormy needs to figure out her loyalties, stop Luc and determine her feelings for Hunter.

Hunter is an all work and no play kind of guy. He lives for his job and has more or less lost touch with everything else. So when Stormy starts to get under his skin, Hunter isn't really prepared to deal with that. He comes a long way from the beginning of this story, and I found myself liking him more and more as I read.

The love scenes are tasteful and have just enough va-va-voom to keep you intrigued. While there isn't a lot of sex, there is plenty of sexual tension to keep the reader engaged.

Wishful Thinking is a fun and engaging read that nicely concludes the series. Being the third and final book in the series, everything comes to a head, and when it does, the conclusion is powerful and emotionally gripping. It is a story of love, loss and friendship thriving under extreme circumstances.

Gabi Stevens has created a vibrant and accessible world full of magic that is found not only in a physical way, but also in the bond that is created when you find the people in your life, be they friends, lovers or mentors, that make you shine as an individual. I would highly recommend this book as well as the other two in the series The Wish List and As You Wish if you are looking for something fabulous to read this spring.

--Lindsey Seddon

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