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The Doctor’s Mission
by Lyn Stone
(SRS #1534, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0- 373-27604-4
Author Stone continues her series that features a super secret agency which fights terrorism with the usual skills plus the added component of having agents that enjoy extra sensory skills. Cate Olin is one of their best, having just completed a job where unfortunately for her, a member of the press “outed” her in a news article describing her achievements.

The story opens on a ski slope in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland where Cate is skiing with a man she had met in a local bar. As she is headed down a very steep run, a rifle shot starts an avalanche and she is caught in it. Managing to make it to the edge of the fall, she survives, but does sustain very severe head injuries when she crashes against a group of rocks.

Three weeks later finds her in a state of semi recovery in the hospital with Dr. Nick Sandro, a childhood friend she has always had a giant crush upon. Mercier, the head of the agency, is a tremendously powerful individual who s found Nick to help Cate in adapting to her diminished capacity caused by the accident.

Nick, a surgeon, has problems of his own. His hand had been injured a year ago, so surgery became impossible for him and he is trying to find a new career in medicine…presently retraining in psychiatry. He is a perfect choice on paper to help Cate.  That however, does not account for the lingering chemistry between them.

Mercier is mindful that the rifle shot that initiated the avalanche was very deliberate and certainly aimed at killing Kate. It is pretty evident to all that revenge is being sought for the actions that resulted in her press coverage. Thus, Nick must be her doctor as well as protector in a safe house during her recovery.

They start with his apartment to find that they have been traced there. Thus begins the chase across Europe.  Stone does a very credible job of fashioning empathetic characters, and she has imbued a very ordinary plot line with the warmth of her characters, interesting place descriptions and sharp dialog.

Cate’s special gift is telepathy which she has lost because of her injuries. The most unusual and certainly most interesting part of this story is the well researched clinical treatment of a person recovering from a severe head injury with respect to their diminished capacities in balance, vision, and concentration.

The reader will expect and will know that the attraction is rekindled as the hunt for Cate escalates. Stone has added some different twists to this plot so it is not entirely predictable.

--Thea Davis

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