by Julia Templeton
(Aphrodisia, $13.95, NC-17) ISBN 9780758238153
The Raybourne brothers are known as the Rakehells of Rochester for their wild ways and for seducing any women, married or not. Their reputation precedes them and when Sinjin, Victor and Rory are caught in a brothel by their mother, they are humiliated. Betsy Raybourne is beyond shocked and appalled by her sons. She gives them an ultimatum: each must find a bride before the summer is over or she will leave them with nothing. She will hold a house party where the three men can choose among a bevy of beauties. Sinjin decides he will be the first sacrificial lamb and find a woman who can look the other way while he continues his carousing. When he spies Katelyn Davenport across a crowded room, he is smitten.

Katelyn and her sister Marilyn have come to the Raybourne house party as one last hurrah for Katelyn. Because their father died and the family was so in debt, as well as having a mother who spends like there is no tomorrow, Katelyn has decided to marry a much older man. Her fiance, Lord Ronald Balliford, will save Katelyn's family from ruin even though the thought of sharing a bed with him makes her sick. She will forget about her problems for the next two weeks and enjoy the delights in store.

When Katelyn and Sinjin meet, there is a crackle in the air, an attraction they both cannot deny. Katelyn wants to feel passion and Sinjin wants to be the man to show her how incredible it can be between them. Katelyn is overcome with her feelings for Sinjin as his talented hands and mouth bring her such pleasure. Soon these two engage in shocking displays of lust where they could be caught at any moment. Sinjin wants Katelyn unlike any woman before her and will do whatever he can to keep her. But then Ronald arrives, ready to take Katelyn back with him as his wife. Sinjin must decide if he wants forever, which means making Katelyn his wife before another man can claim her.

Grab a fan because Sinjin is one book that will have you sweating and panting at the same time. This erotic regency romance by Julia Templeton is scandalous in its telling. Not only does the reader witness passionate displays of love between Katelyn and Sinjin, but the other characters make sure to have their fun also with titillating love scenes that include Rory and Victor enjoying the skills of Lady Anna, a party guest who in turn wants to show Marilyn the secrets of love. Anna and Marilyn's interactions may shock some readers but I must give Ms. Templeton credit for doing so. I hope she will write their story at one point. Also, Katelyn's aunt Lillith is the voice of reason for her two nieces as a widowed older woman who is attracted to Victor but won't give in to her own desires.

I must admit that I was very surprised I enjoyed Sinjin as much as I did because I didn't expect there to be much of a plot. When I first was introduced to Sinjin I didn't care for him, but the way he treated Katelyn at the house party quickly changed my opinion about him because he is more concerned about Katelyn's pleasure than his own. Also, the fact that he refused to tell his brothers the intimacies he and Katelyn shared with one another was admirable. Watching these two try and figure out a way to be together and for Katelyn to try and break off her impending marriage is the main reason I enjoyed Sinjin so much. And the way Ms. Templeton has written the secondary stories around the main one is excellent. I found myself understanding the Raybourne brothers' motivations and why they are so involved in such sexual antics. By the time I finished reading, I came to believe in Sinjin and Katelyn's HEA and that he was a changed man.

Sinjin is perfect for those who want a bit more spiciness with their romance. I had fun reading this latest by Ms. Templeton and look forward to reading future stories with the Rakehells of Rochester.

--Catherine Anne

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