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Wild and Hexy
by Vicki Lewis Thompson
(Onyx, $7.99, R)† ISBN 978-0-451-41258-4
Vicki Lewis Thompson writes great, quirky, sexy, modern romances. Wild and Hexy is very sexy and definitely quirky!

Journalist Annie Winston is one of the best modern heroines I have read. She is a career woman, a realist, funny, able to laugh at herself, 20 pounds overweight, and leaving behind a bitter divorce to move on with her life.

Jeremy Dunstan is a strong, quiet, sensual former nerd. He is a smart, funny, entrepreneur who becomes increasingly confident through the story. Oh, and heís also been in love with Annie since they were 14 years old. While Annie grew up, moved away to Chicago and got married, Jeremy tried to get over his fierce crush. Now Annie is back in their hometown for her sister Melodyís wedding, and Jeremy is the best man.

Meanwhile, witch and wizard couple Dorcas and Ambrose are trying their hand at matchmaking in Big Knob, Arizona, Jeremy and Annieís home town. They know Jeremy, and hear about Annie, and decide to work their magic on the unsuspecting couple.

As Big Knob is a very small town, itís inevitable that Annie and Jeremy will run into each other quickly, and they do. Annie is surprised to find that Jeremy is cuter than she remembered. Jeremy canít believe that the woman of his dreams has just walked into his cafť. Furthermore, theyíre spending a great deal of time together with wedding events and planning going on around them. As the attraction between Annie and Jeremy begins to simmer, Dorcas and Ambrose decide to help their romance along with a little magical help - namely a confidence spell on Jeremy, giving him a small amount of magic powers to be able to perform amazing tricks (so amazing he canít figure out how heís done them!) and a bottle of magic wine designed to help a person find their soul mate.

Their first date kayaking is plagued by disaster, and they end up spilling past secrets to each other, naked and shivering, wrapped in blankets by a campfire. The sparks fly like crazy between Annie and Jeremy, and continue for the next few days. Neither can believe their luck. Jeremy finally has Annie to himself and Annieís feeling good for the first time since her divorce. They only have a limited time to spend together, as Annie plans to return to her life in Chicago when the weekend ends. Their relationship is intended to be a playful, sexy no-strings weekend, but Jeremy isnít content to let his fantasy girl go so easily.

Wild and Hexy is sweet, an enticing modern romance with a bit of a crazy, magical background. I love that Annie is such a realistic woman. She fights with herself over her self-control for diet and her attraction to Jeremy. She is down to earth, has her list of past regrets but is also looking forward to a new future. She carries some real guilt for leading Jeremy on a merry chase, but she is feeling a little reckless and decides to enjoy the moments they have. I love that Annie is the initiator in some of their lovemaking; after missing out on a sex life since her divorce, she is ready to start again.

Jeremy is an equally satisfying character. He is just enough of a former geek to be endearing and just enough of a sexy tough guy to be a hot tamale. Jeremy is also determined to get what he wants from life, most of which heís already achieved, but there is one ingredient missing: a woman. When Annie walks back into his life, his internal dialogue is honest, a little raw, and devoted to Annie.

There is also a cast of unforgettable background characters. From Dorcas and Ambrose, to Dee Dee the sea monster and George the dragon, there is no room for a dull moment in this story.

All in all, Wild and Hexy is a terrific story, hot and spicy in all the right places and magically interesting, too.

--Amy Wroblewsky

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