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Talk Nerdy to Me
by Vicki Lewis Thompson
(St. Martins, $6.99, R) ISBN 0-312-93907-8
After reading Gone with the Nerd and being so disappointed, I was apprehensive to see Talk Nerdy to Me in my stack of books to review. But despite a rather silly plot and some even more silly premises within the book, this love story grew on me as I read and I ultimately was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the book.

Eve Dupree, famous fashion model, has always been a nerd at heart, loving experimentation and science. But her sister Denise was smarter than she was and thus got to pursue an academic career. Eve was always a bit eccentric but beautiful. As a teenager her parents pushed her into modeling and this became her destiny, despite her wishes. Now she has enough money to pursue her own ideas. She has purchased a house in Middlesex, Connecticut, purchased an old space ship prototype off eBay, painted it purple and is now ready to try out her ideas on alternate fuel. She just needs some help with the electrical work to ensure it will run.

Charlie Shepherd is an electrical/mechanical engineer who has dreams of working on the turbines in Hoover Dam. He is close to getting a job there. He just has a few odds and ends to tie up before he can leave. He has been the redeemer at the local power plant and wants everything done before he leaves. His widowed mother Rose and Aunt Myrtle, who run a bakery, are alone. His only cousin, Rick, is a photographer who travels and is headquartered in LA. Charlie is their repairman and all around helper when they get in over their heads, and he is worried about leaving them alone.

Charlie meets Eve as he is driving by her house when she has just had an explosion. Her latest batch of veggie fuel didn’t like the motor and it blew. To convince Charlie she is okay, she agrees to meet him at the Rack and Balls tavern. To complicate matters, Rick shows up with two “assistants” who are actually guards. Rick is up to his neck in debt to a shyster who is threatening his life if he doesn’t pay up. Rick hopes to get money however he can from his mother. But when he hears about Eve’s invention, he decides to steal the plans and try to sell the idea as his own.

The tale advances as Charlie and Eve try to work on the craft, find themselves in major lust and have to deal with apparent break-ins while keeping an eye on the suspects. The suspects include Eve’s kinky and very weird neighbor, Eunice, who thinks she was abducted by aliens and has some unusual sexual antics to prove it. Another suspect is Eve’s sister Denise, who is convinced Eve will kill herself if allowed to continue with her invention. And the two assistants, Manny and Kyle, who also get involved with Rose and Myrtle in their rather unique bakery goods including cinnamon buns called booby buns, shaped breadsticks called bawdy breadsticks and iced cookies in the shape of a copulating couple.

Are you all still with me? There are a lot of inane antics, weird sexual things, unrealistic ideas and just general silliness that the reader has to get through in order to enjoy the romance. And the romance is full of sex, lust and interesting scenes. Charlie and Eve make love a few times before they even get to a bed, and then when they do, there is a lusty scene involving a round bed and leather chaps. These are hot to the touch!

Luckily, the saving grace is the surprising depth to Eve and Charlie. Eve has had years of people telling her she is not smart, yet Charlie, who she sees as her superior in brains, understands her completely and is amazed at her ingenuity. She is looking for stability and thinks she has found it in the small town atmosphere of Connecticut. Charlie has been seeking a soul mate while he pursues his dream of leaving Middlesex and being able to work on something bigger than life, like the Hoover Dam. Now that they have each other, it looks like their dreams are in direct opposition. But they fall madly in lust and then in love and just have to figure out a way to make it work.

Talk Nerdy to Me starts slowly and really builds on the strength of the sexual relationship of the two. Ultimately it delivers a nice romance if you can get around the alien sex rituals and the inane subplot about the spacecraft.

--Shirley Lyons

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