Texas Magic
by Nancy Robards Thompson
(Harl. Spec. Ed. #2218, $5.25, PG) ISBN 978-0373-65700-1
Here is a heartwarming tale that will give the reader the reminder that there really are nice people in the world who deserve a happy ever after. Texas Magic is one of a series about a group of women who each have other interests but also share an interest in a new business called Celebrations, Inc. This is the story of Caroline Coopersmith, the baker.

Caroline is almost thirty, single and a workaholic at her familyís accounting agency, Coopersmith & Bales, where she is poised to become a senior partner and eventually take her fatherís place at the helm, alongside the other partner. But Caroline is slowly coming to realize that accounting is not her passion. Baking is her passion. Her practical nature recognizes the dichotomy in her lifeís choices but she is still thinking about making some changes.

Her chance comes at her sisterís wedding when the best man is a hunk who sparks chemistry with her. When Drew Montgomery approaches her near the end of the reception, Caroline is determined to enjoy what will probably be a one night stand. Yet the two hit it off and not only does Drew spend the next day with her, he asks her for another date. And another date even though Caroline backed up and declared no more sex until after at the third date. Both are falling hard and both acknowledge that this may be love.

Drew, however, is the editor of a local business paper and there is an investigation into the company of one of C&Bís clients. The owner also happens to be the father of one of Carolineís best friends. Drew quickly recuses himself from the decision-making about the story but that doesnít keep him from worrying and feeling guilty over what might be a situation that will end what is just getting started. And it is not just happening in the midst of the romance, but also in the middle of a great opportunity for Celebrations, Inc. Caroline has some hard choices ahead of her and now this crisis becomes something that causes her to rethink everything she believed.

What sets this tale apart is the maturity of the two characters, the depth to the story and even though predictable, the way the author handles the obvious train wreck at the end of the story. Drew and Caroline react in ways that are not surprising but they also recover immediately and talk it out. They also see quickly that while this has been difficult, it does not need to be a make it or break it situation. Bravo to the author for her handling of this scenario.

Texas Magic does indeed hold some magical moments and it is easy to recommend this one to readers.

--Shirley Lyons

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