Kink by Saskia Walker & Sasha White
(Berkley, $14.00, NC-17) ISBN 0-425-21399-5
With a risqué cover and suggestive title, this latest erotic romance anthology from Berkley Heat cannot be accused of false advertising.

“Sex, Lies and Bondage Tape” by Saskia Walker leads off the anthology with an exciting music industry back drop and a heroine who likes to be in control.

Kelly Burton is at a rock concert using the ticket that was intended for her roommate, who is now sitting at home with pins in her leg after a skiing accident. Kelly feels sorry for her, because the girl really adores rock god Clayton Warren. So being the good roommate that she is, Kelly decides to sneak backstage to score her friend an autograph, only to discover the rock god, the dream man for women everywhere, Clayton Warren in a compromising position with another man. He’s gay! Completely embarrassed to have witnessed the private moment, Kelly goes to slink away only to run smack dab into hunky security guard Tommy Sampson.

Tommy can’t believe the groupie got past him, and worse yet, Clayton is firmly “in the closet.” But the funniest thing happens as he’s literally carrying her away from the dressing rooms. The girl is getting turned on! And even though he has a strict “no groupies” policy, well one thing leads to another…

The sex scenes lend themselves to the anthology title, being heavy on BDSM. What’s nice here is that both characters have their chance in the domination role; first Clayton “punishes” Kelly for sneaking backstage, then Kelly “punishes” Clayton later on. The only downside is that both characters fail to communicate effectively until the end of the story, when they realize that the heat they share is more than just simply lust. But this lack of communication is tolerable in a short story format, and Walker gives readers a hopeful ending.

Next up is “Watch Me” by Sasha White, a very hot “marriage in trouble” story.

Bethany Mack loves her husband, but between his new promotion and the long hours he’s putting in at the office the spark has gone out of their sex life. Bethany is very hot to trot, and is becoming more than a little depressed, when she spies a roofer next door and decides to put on a little voyeuristic show. Now decidedly perky and in a good mood, she has a couple of more encounters when her husband, Grant, catches her in the act.

While Bethany didn’t exactly cheat on him, Grant’s feelings are a little bruised. He decides that it’s time to give his wife what she’s begging for – a very dominant man in the bedroom. More BDSM follows, Bethany is practically on fire, and their marriage is back on track – or is it?

Written in first person, from Bethany’s point of view, what’s refreshing here is the depiction of a married couple enjoying a full and adventurous sex life. While it’s certainly not the sort of bedroom activity for everybody, White dispels the myth that just because you’ve found Prince Charming doesn’t mean that your sex life is doomed to become vanilla.

Never has kink sounded so good – both Walker and White deliver fun, fast stories sure to heat up the lingering cold winter nights. Perfect inspirational reading to be kept on your bedside table, Kink is sure to heat up more than one naughty fantasy.

--Wendy Crutcher

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