A SEALís Seduction
by Tawny Weber
(HQN Blaze, $5.25, R) 978-0-373-79742-4
Lieutenant Blake Landon came from a broken home and worked hard to get where he is. He made the SEAL team and his job comes with ease. When one of his team members dies in action, it hits him hard and makes him realize that his job is more dangerous than he previously gave it credit for. His admiral makes his team take a two week break, but does ask him to return two days early to attend his retirement party. He wants Blake to meet his daughter, which is the last thing Blake wants to do.

Alexia Pierce has moved back near her family, mostly to be closer to her brother than to her parents. Sheís an acoustical physicist with a minor in psychology doing research on correcting and enhancing sexual recovery for abuse victims and will take the role of public relations to raise awareness and try to raise money.

Alexia sees the hottest guy sheís ever seen on the beach one day. Her gay brother, Michael, sees the attention and takes it upon himself to introduce them to the ďhot guy.Ē It is a brief exchange, but Alexia later sees him at a local bar and they share two days of incredible sex together. She doesnít even know his last name, but they canít deny the strong attraction they have for each other.

At the end of the two days, they go their separate ways for the night due to events they each need to attend. Little do they know that itís the same event; the admiralís retirement party, and Alexia happens to be the daughter. Blake canít believe it, but it doesnít change his feelings for her. Alexia on the other has had one rule in life: she doesnít date military men. When she realizes that Blake is not only military, but a SEAL, she bails and there is nothing Blake can do about it.

Fast forward eight months and Blake is still thinking about Alexia. When he is called back to base and given a new one-man assignment heís leery. But when he sees Alexiaís picture in the mission file, he canít believe it. Terrorists have kidnapped Alexia because the research institute she works for wonít take on their research project. Blakeís job is to rescue Alexia and get her home safe. Theyíll have to worry about their ďrelationshipĒ later.

A SEALíS Seduction is a blaze of romance mixed in with suspense. Weber does a good job of intertwining the two elements in a way that is plausible and enjoyable. There is a lot of sex, and itís pretty graphic, but there is also enough emotion and soul searching to counterbalance it.

A SEALíS Seduction is an easy read to finish in one sitting. Try picking up this book on a cold rainy day when outside activities are on hold and you wonít regret it.

--Nichole Howell

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