Candlelight Christmas
by Susan Wiggs
(Mira, $16.95, G) ISBN 978-978-07783-1474-5
If you are a fan of Susan Wiggs and have followed the travails of the Avalon, NY crowd, you will know that Logan O’Donnell has not led a charmed life, even though he was born into a wealthy family. Logan made some poor choices when growing up and yet, he has turned his life around. His son, Charlie is the love of his life and the reason he is determined to be the best dad ever. He and Charlie’s mom had a teenage romance that resulted in Charlie at a time when Logan was least able to handle it. But he is now a respected businessman, ready to build a life for Charlie during the half year he has him.

Darcy Fitzgerald grew up one of four sisters with loving parents. Their neighbors had some boys and the two families were delighted when first one daughter then another married one of the boys. But now, after her ex cheated on her, Darcy dreads trying to paste a smile on her face and act like they ended their marriage amiably. She jumps at the choice to come to spend the time with Logan’s family, whose sister India is one of her best friends.

Logan and Darcy start off attracted, but recognizing that they need to be just friends. Darcy had some stepchildren in her marriage and they caused her heartache when the marriage ended. She is determined to guard her heart. Logan meanwhile, would love a family and wants brothers and/or sisters for Charlie.

This is truly a Christmas story, with winter wonderland scenery and family gatherings that warm the heart. Even when Logan decides to buck tradition and invest his money into a risky ski resort, causing some tension with his father, the family rallies around.

In the mix are some old friends from previous Lakeside Chronicle stories including a look in at Charlie’s Mom Daisy and her husband Julian. This story is engaging and is a nice addition to the series. Candlelight Christmas is a feel-good Christmas story.

--Shirley Lyons

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