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Double Blind by Gayle Wilson
(HQN, $5.99, PG-13) ISBN 0-373-77073-1
Iíve found with romantic suspense that one element of the story ó either the romance or the suspense ó is stronger than the other. In the case of Gayle Wilsonís Double Blind, the ratio is almost even, though perhaps weighted more toward the suspense. Thankfully, both these aspects of the story are interesting and engaging.

When Will Shannon wakes one morning, he knows something is wrong. Heís disoriented, injured, and lying on the floor of an office. Moreover, he has little memory of what happened the night before, something that upsets him when he realizes the man he was hired to protect is dead. When he hears the police pull up, he sneaks out of the house and to the one person he believes can help.

To say that Cait Malone is surprised when a disoriented Will shows up at her house is an understatement. He was her former FBI supervisor and ex-lover, and she still feels guilty that he took the heat two years ago when an operation went bad. He left the FBI, and although she feels she was the one to blame, sheís never stopped loving him. Now, she and Will work together to discover what happened and who wants to frame Will for murder.

Double Blind starts out strong as the reader experiences the same confusion and disorientation as Will. This makes it easy to identify with him and certainly draws one into the story. I found myself rooting for Will from the first page. If he hadnít been disoriented from being drugged, he wouldnít have gone to Cait and put her in danger. This was another plus about him.

In fact, this brings up one of Wilsonís strengths ó the characters in this book donít act in stupid ways only to satisfy plot requirements. If the characters act in a way that could be perceived as less than wise, thereís always an explanation, and a good one at that.

In addition, the romance occurs naturally in the story ó or as naturally as a romance can when the hero and heroine are being pursued by killers. The relationship is the focus during moments of downtime, and it was nice not to see the main characters stop to have sex in the middle of a gunfight or chase.

There were a couple of moments when I thought that the suspense element of the story was becoming overcomplicated. This feeling increased toward the end ó there seems to be a lot occurring here. Many readers will enjoy the complexity, but I would have preferred a little less complication.

One of the best things about reviewing is reading and enjoying a book by an author youíve never tried before. After reading Gayle Wilsonís Double Blind, Iím planning to check out her other romantic suspense novels.

--Alyssa Hurzeler

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