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Julietís Law by Ruth Wind
(Silh. Int. Mom. #1435, PG, $4.99) ISBN 0-373-27505-2
Julietís Law is the first book in a new series entitled ďSisters of the Mountain.Ē The mountains are the San Juan Mountains of western Colorado and the sisters are Desi, Juliet and Miranda.

The sisters are products of a dysfunctional family and Desi has repeated the pattern established by her parents and replicated their marriage. It is no surprise that it collapses, a victim to the wandering lust of her artist husband Claude. She entreats her sister Juliet to come to Colorado to help her through the crisis.

Juliet is an obvious choice as she is a California attorney and well schooled in the intricacies of divorce law. Desi does not really want to face her collapsed marriage but her husband wants his half of their 10 million dollar property, which was acquired at the onset of their marriage. Desi is a veterinarian who is also making her lifeís work providing a refuge for wolves. Their property is ideal for this, but also ideal for a huge development in the already growing ski country.

Juliet is floundering on her own having been raped the year before. Suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome, her firm required that she take a leave of absence. Her fiancť Scott has hovered the entire year and she is tired of going through the motions of trying to hold that relationship together. She responds immediately to Desiís plea and arrives in Colorado.

Meeting Deputy Joshua Mad Calf at her sisterís house, Juliet falls for him immediately and is attracted to his small daughter. Glory had been found recently, after having been kidnapped by her dysfunctional drunken mother and hidden for six months.

Dysfunction reigns within this community and on Julietís first visit to town she witnesses an unfortunate confrontation where Desi threatens to kill Claude.

Unfortunately, Claude is soon murdered and Desi is without an alibi and soon arrested.

The characters are fairly well defined and the Colorado scenery is on display. The romance between Juliet and Josh goes a bit too quickly, bringing touches of disbelief to their relationship. Dialog is very predictable and respective angsts take up a good portion of it.

This story line is obviously the starting point for the series, as many many issues are unresolved, presumably waiting for the next novel to further the plot.

--Thea Davis

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