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Miranda’s Revenge
by Ruth Wind
(SRS #1479, $4.99, PG) ISBN 0-373-27549-8
Miranda’s Revenge is the conclusion to the “Sisters of the Mountain” series.  Miranda’s sister Desi is charged with murdering her famous husband Claude Tsosie, a Native American artist whose work just before his death had turned from profitable to truly collectible. In this story the plot has finally worked around to Desi coming to trial in a very short time.  

Claude was not an ideal husband and Desi had opportunity and motive. Just the day of his death she had publicly threatened Claude’s life.  

Juliet’s Law and Desi’s Rescue chronicle two of the sister’s lives and halfhearted investigation into Claude’s death. The stories are almost totally focused on their newfound love interests, the results being that Juliet’s wedding is now a week or so before Desi’s trial and the third sibling Miranda has arrived in town.  

Immediately, she hires a private detective to try and find the murderer. James Marquez is available but only because he wants to come to Mariposa to run the 50K Mountain Trail Run, reputed to be one of the toughest in the country. Between training episodes, James investigates the very people who were identified in book one.  

The book wanders through wedding preparations; a sudden hit and run accident that hospitalizes Desi, the maturing romance between Miranda and James, the race and its rigors, Miranda’s relationship with her parents who are also coming to town, and a few investigatory expeditions with Miranda accompanying James. They push a few buttons and gradually start unraveling Claude’s life. There is a remarkable lack of tension in this story with either the romance or the murder.  

There is also a remarkable lack of credibility with respect to Desi, and her family as she faces a trial for murder. It is truly difficult to believe that her sister Juliet could meet her fiancé, and set her wedding a week or so before her sister’s murder trial just to make sure her sister could be in the wedding. Her parents arrive with more concern for the Mariposa race than anything else.  

A few well placed questions and an unknown fact surfaces to point James in the right direction to the resolution of the murder, A fact that should have been elicited in week one of the investigation permits him to understand  the deus ex machine ending.  

The result…a series about three sisters with an unsolved murder, one sister at risk, and an ongoing investigation that has cluttered up three stories.  


--Thea Davis

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