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Savor the Seduction
by Laura Wright
(Silh. Desire #1687, $4.50, R) ISBN 0373-76687-4
Savor the Seduction is the 11th installment of the ďDynasties: The AshtonsĒ series. If you are a fan of the series, this may be the story you have waited for. I have read a few previous installments but have not been a loyal follower; therefore, I felt like I entered the story halfway through.

Grant Ashton is the eldest son, but is illegitimate. Backstory tells us that Grant just recently found his father and then was accused of his murder. His alibi was a one-night stand with Anna Sheridan. Anna has a history with Grantís father Spencer, too. She is currently raising his young son, Jack, who was the result of an affair between Spencer and her sister, Alyssa Sheridan. Alyssa is dead, although there is not much information given.

This story picks up as Grant is released and still staying with the rest of the Ashtons on their large vineyard estate. Anna is staying on the property in a cottage. The basics of this story is that while they are cooling their heels waiting for the police to find Spencerís murderer, Grant and Anna must determine two issues: do they have a relationship, and if so, can the relationship last beyond this incident?

Grant is portrayed as a good guy. Backstory again tells us that he gave up his own life to raise his sister Graceís two young children when she took off and left them in his care. Grant is 43 and the two kids are grown now and married. They were raised and are still living in Nebraska, where Grant has a home and farm. He thinks that is where his heart is.

Anna is younger than that, although her exact age is never specified. She is raising Jack and is determined to do what is right for him. She isnít sure if her lust (and what she describes as love) for Grant is enough. She is determined to let him lead the way.

There isnít much more to this story without giving away the identity of the murder, which I am assuming is a mystery that has been building throughout the series. Grant and Anna either spend time talking about the identity of the person or they spend time sparring in between several sexual encounters in a variety of locations. Their sparring is all related to trying to decide if they can make their relationship last or not.

Because the bulk of their romance occurred previously, it felt as if we picked things up in the middle. Their crisis was the embarrassing moment when they had to reveal their sexual encounter that provided Grant an airtight alibi. There is some interaction between Grant and his other half-brothers and sisters, but there are many of them and without understanding their past, it is difficult to distinguish them from each other or understand the significance of their overwhelming support.

The resolution of the murder mystery seems a bit surprising but is revealed in a rather matter-of-fact manner. It is difficult to know if this person was hinted at in earlier novels or is a complete bombshell.

As a stand alone, Savor the Seduction is not for the novice. For fans of the Ashton Dynasty, it is probably just what the doctor ordered.

--Shirley Lyons

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